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Highlands Wrestling Club K-8 Spring Season Training Program

Athletes who want to raise their wrestling game to the next level work hard in the off-season to improve their skills and by lifting weights so their muscles get bigger and stronger.  The best time to do this is in the spring time right after the season is over.  In the competitive season, building muscle is extremely difficult – particularly when managing or cutting your weight.  To gain muscle mass you must be able to eat and gain weight.  When you combine the right nutrition with an effective, properly balanced strength training program, you will surprise your opponents next season with not only a bigger, more muscular physique but new power and explosiveness as well.  
This is the result when you sign up for the HWC Spring Season Training program.  The goal of this training cycle is to gain weight by adding muscular size and strength while also improving wrestling skills.  Our program includes a regimen of focused strength training tailored specifically for wrestlers while still continuing to practice twice/week.  We will compete at the HWC Takedown Tournament (March 28th) and ultimately the Ohio Tournament of Champions (April 18th), one of the biggest meets in the country. 
This training program will make you bigger, stronger, faster and more agile while giving you top level wrestling experience.  The K-8 Spring Season will consist of wrestling twice/week until the end of May.  This will cost $25/month.  An optional extra day of strength training is available on Sundays at 5:30.  In April and May, K-8 Spring training will consist of wrestling twice/week and strength training twice/week.  This will cost $65/month, however if you would like to just wrestle (without the strength training), the cost will remain at $25/month. 
The HWC K-8 Spring Season Training will officially start on March 9th, 2015 (after the VAWAs).
Strength training
Sunday 5:30 (at East Valley Power Club - behind Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic, 220 E. Valley st., Abingdon)
Starting in April – Fridays at 3:30 (at Hammer House) Special strength training + wrestling conditioning sessions
Tues. & Thurs. 6:30pm
The K-8 HWC Spring Season Training weekly schedule looks like…
Sun. – Strength Training – 5:30pm @ EVPC
Tues.  -  Wrestling - 6:30pm Hammer House (25285 Lee Hwy, Abingdon, VA.)
Thurs.  -  Wrestling - 6:30pm Hammer House
Fri.  -  Wrestling Strength Conditioning - after school (~3:30 or 4) @ Hammer House (starting in April)

Wrestling - practice w/Coach Large. New techniques, skills & drills, live wrestling & conditioning

Weights - training w/Dan Levesque includes sports specific weight training designed to make wrestlers stronger and faster on the mat.  This program has been developed by a collaboration of professional weight lifters and wrestling coaches.  K-8 strength training will consist of body weight and light weight exercises designed to strengthen the core and posterior chain in the young athlete while teaching the basics of correct weight lifting.  If you follow every single component of this program, you will improve your overall strength but also for specific wrestling moves.

The K-8 HWC Spring Season Training Program includes:
- HWC K-8 – 3 month membership – March 9th – May 29th
- Twice/week wrestling w/HWC at Hammer House
- K-8 strength training at EVPC (Sundays)
- Wrestling specific weight training at Hammer House (Fridays) 
- USA Wrestling Card not included (but required)
*No refunds given for early drop out

The cost of the HWC K-8 Spring Season Training Membership is $25/month (+ $2 online service fee) for wrestling only and an additional $28/month for both strength training and wrestling.  

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