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At Highlands Wrestling Club, our training is designed to prepare an athlete physically, mentally, and technically for top level competition. We train year-round however more frequently during our active season (October - January). During this time, we also compete in as many tournaments as possible with our two big meets being the VAWAs in Richmond, VA. and the AAU Nationals in Kingsport, TN.

HWC trains 2-3 days/week during our competition season and 2 days/week in the off season. Athletes are expected to commit to being at every practice during the season and train as often as possible in the summer. While some of our members are involved with other sports during the off season, many continue to train and compete throughout the entire year. At Highlands Wrestling Club, we offer programs to keep young athletes challenged and growing for every month of the year. Please see our schedule of our training season programs...

During the active fall and spring competition season, HWC practices consist of technique instruction, drilling, live wrestling and hard conditioning. During the off season, practices are the same format however sports specific strength training is also a big part of our program to enhance certain attributes such as power, explosiveness, strength endurance, reactivity and speed.

The coaches at HWC have developed a systematic approach to technique that makes it easy and fun for kids of all ages to quickly learn the basic skills of folkstyle wrestling. Through rigorous training and the discipline required to get through a full competition season, our athletes develop a mental toughness that will translate into all other areas in life. 

Even though wrestling is considered an individual sport, at Highlands Wrestling Club, we teach the team concept and we are very much a family; training, traveling and competing together. We also frequently have dual tournaments and practice sessions with other clubs during our competition season. HWC coaches know the importance of training with different partners, so they encourage extra seminars and camps in the off season. We also frequently have guest coaches, past state champs and experienced athletes that show up to our practice sessions to help.

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