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Highlands Wrestling Club Summer Training

Summer Wrestlers Make Fall Champions! Continue Training With The HWC Through June & July to Keep Getting Better, Bigger, Faster & Stronger. We Offer Lots of Fun Events & Tons of Mat Time to Keep You Wrestling Through The Summer...

Many wrestlers take the summer months off to rest and enjoy vacation time or other sports. However the top athletes of the sport continue to train. Training while everyone else is at the lake is a sure way jump ahead of your competition. Continue wrestling and lifting weights through June and July to capitolize on the gains you've made in the spring and bridge the gap between second and first place. The HWC has an excellent Summer Program including a terrific balance of plenty of mat time, strength training and fun events you won't forget.  
The HWC Summer Session will consist of wrestling twice/week through the month of June. We will be competing as a dual team in several events as well as hosting a wrestling clinic (June 6-7th, Kemmerer Leg Riding Clinic) and a 5-day summer camp (June 29th-July 3rd, Yetzer Elite Training Camp). In July, we will take a slower approach offering open mat practice sessions once/week. Strength training will be offered for advanced lifters (HS & 8th graders) twice/week and beginners (K-5) once/week through both June and July. Join us and we will help you acheive your wrestling and fitness goals this summer! 
The HWC Summer Session will officially start on June 1st and end on July 31st, 2015.
Here is the weekly schedule of training...
Wrestling - (at Hammer House, 25285 Lee Hwy, Abingdon)
Tues. & Thurs. 6:30pm (June)
Thurs. 6:30pm (July)
Strength training – (at EVPC, 220 Valley st. NE, Abingdon)
Sun. 5:30pm (K-5/beginners) & 6:30pm (advanced) - Upper body
Wed. 6:00pm (advanced) - Lower body

The HWC Summer Training Membership includes:
- 2 month membership - June – July
- Twice/week wrestling w/HWC at Hammer House in June
- Once/week open mat wrestling in July
- Wrestling specific weight training at East Valley Power Club, 2 sessions/week 
- USA Wrestling Card not included (but required)
*No refunds given for early drop out

The cost of the HWC HS Spring Season Training Membership is $50/month (+ $2.50 online service fee). 

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