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2015 HWC Pre-Season Training Program

Shock Your Opponents This Season When You Show Up Much Bigger, Faster, Stronger & in Incredible Shape! This is the Result When You Sign Up For the HWC 2015 Pre-Season Training Program.

The weight lifting portion of the HWC Pre-Season Training program is designed to not only add muscle to your frame in all the right places but also to help you perform better on the mat. Goals include a more muscular, explosive lower body & hips for getting out of the bottom position faster and lightning speed takedowns. This training will give you a more powerful core, super strong upper back & neck and unbreakable grip strength that will approach super human capabilities. The HWC Pre-Season wrestling weight lifting program has several phases, scheduled as follows...

8/11/14 - 9/8/14 - Power - This part of the program is pure strength training for development of power in both the upper and lower body. Strength records are kept to ensure progress and each athlete is evaluated to find specific weaknesses for targeted training. Every single person who goes through this training gets stronger... guaranteed!

9/15/14 - 10/6/14 - Strength Endurance - This part of the program is designed to build toughness in the athlete to prepare for the constant grind of hard training and tough, overtime matches. This type of training includes much wrestling type weighted exercises like takedown shots against resistance, endurance leg training for the wrestling stance & exercises commonly seen in strongman events & used by top professional mma fighters.

10/13/14 - 11/3/14 - Speed, Explosiveness & Cardio - This training is designed to make the athlete faster, more explosive & cardio strong. Methods include explosive training with light weights, plyometrics, hill sprints & pure cardio. 

If you're already training with weights but not with us, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! We did this program last year for several athletes and it made a great difference however this gave us a chance to see what worked best and we have dialed it in for the perfect system. While you're going through the program, we also evaluate your performance on the mat (on Tuesdays & Thursdays) to see what areas you still need work on and tailor the program to you individually to strengthen those areas with specific exercises. NO OTHER PROGRAM DOES THIS!
To sign up for this awesome training program, CLICK HERE.

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