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Highlands Wrestling Club Pre-Season Training Program

Shock Your Opponents This Season When You Show Up Much Bigger, Faster, Stronger and in Top Shape! This is the Result When You Sign Up For Our 2016 Pre-Season Training program.

The HWC Pre-Season Training Program starts on September 2nd and ends on October 29th after the Super 32. The program will include 12 weeks of power lifting, speed & explosiveness training, top level conditioning and nutritional counseling from an expert trainer. 

The HWC Pre-Season Training program will not only add more muscle to your frame in all the right places but also help you perform better on the mat. Goals include a more muscular, explosive lower body & hips for getting out of the bottom position faster and lightning speed takedowns. This training program will give you a more powerful core, super strong upper back & neck and unbreakable grip strength that will approach super human capabilities.

The 2015 HWC Pre-Season Training Program includes:
Power Training – designed for development of power in both the upper and lower body. Strength records are kept to ensure progress and each athlete is evaluated to find specific weaknesses for targeted training. Every single person who goes through this program gets stronger... guaranteed!
Strength Endurance - This part of the program is designed to build toughness to prepare for the grind of hard training during the season. This type of training includes much wrestling type weighted exercises like takedown shots against resistance + exercises commonly seen in strongman events & used by pro mma fighters.
Speed, Explosiveness & Cardio - designed to make the athlete faster, more explosive & cardio strong. Methods include explosive training with light weights, plyometrics, hill sprints & pure cardio. We will emphasize this in our last 4 weeks of the program so the athlete is in top condition right when the season starts.
Nutritional Counseling - body fat composition tests will be taken to measure muscular gains and also help determine optimum competition weight; a balanced nutrition program will be included if necessary to achieve goal weight.

The HWC Pre Season Training schedule will be as follows:
August 10th-30th
Strength Training @ East Valley Power Club (behind Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic, 220 E. Valley st., Abingdon) 4 times/week...
Sunday - Upper Body (EVPC) 6:30pm
Monday - Lower Body (EVPC) 6pm
Wednesday - Upper Body (EVPC) 6pm
Friday - Wrestling Strength Conditioning/Posterior Chain (Hammer House) 3:30/4pm (after school)

Aug. 31st - Oct. 31st
Strength Training 2-3 times/week*....
Tuesday - Lower Body (EVPC) 6pm
Thursday - Upper Body (EVPC) 6pm
Friday - Wrestling Strength Conditioning/Posterior Chain (Hammer House) 3:30/4pm (after school)
*Strength training schedule may vary depending on tournament travel or necessary rest days 

The 2015 Pre-Season 12 Week Training Program includes:
- Strength Training – 3-4 sessions/week thru Aug. 31st
                               2-3 sessions/week thru Oct. 30th
- Wrestling Strength Conditioning - 1 session/week (Aug. 31st - Oct. 31st)
- Nutritional Counseling & diet program
*USA Wrestling Card not included (but required)

The cost of our 2015 Pre-Season Training Program is $140. Please make payments to your coach with checks payable to Highlands Wrestling Club no later than August 31st. Pay online for the most convenient way to pay however the cost is $146. Add wrestling for just $69 more ($209 total). *No refunds given for early dropout.

To Pay for the 2015 HWC Pre-Season Training Program ONLINE, CLICK HERE... 

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