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HWC Elite Membership Program

To Reach a Greater Skill Level, Extra Workouts, Training w/More Advanced Partners & Higher Level Coaching Are Mandatory. Join The Hammer Wrestling Elite Club For All This & More to Prepare You For The Next Step in Your Wrestling Career.

If you have been training for more than 1 year or upon recommendation from one of our coaches, you can join Hammer Wrestling. Separate and distinct from the HWC, Hammer Wrestling is for those members ready for elite level coaching and a more serious committment of training. Hammer Wrestling is for athletes who've decided wrestling is their sport. This membership not only grants you complete access to our facility for a full year with one of the most advanced coaching staff you will find, but there are also several other benefits.

On top of significantly increasing your amount of mat time by training all year, you will also get several skills evaluations by our coaches. At several times during the year, our coaches will watch you wrestle to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your technical skills. Once completed they will give you a helpful report about how to target your training to correct shortcomings in your game and make you the best wrestler possible. 

Hammer Wrestling Membership also includes specialized strength training with Coach Levesque during the off-season. This includes strength training sessions at East Valley Power Club (220 E. Valley st., Abingdon, VA.) and at Hammer House for the post-season, summer session and pre-season training blocks. Our meticulous approach and innovative concepts produce strength and physical performance gains in every athlete we train. 

Also included in the elite level Hammer Wrestling program is on-going nutritional support. Our methods will help determine your best performance body weight and include properly balanced diet programs to get you there. You will receive on-going counseling from a doctor on staff for managing competition weight safely and correctly for each tournament you enter.  

You will also get access to our special Sunday Clinics featuring elite training and extra mat time with special guest coaches for no extra charge. Joining the elite Hammer Wrestling Club will also cover your entry fee into the Mountain Man Classic Belt Championship Tournament and give you 10% discounts off any other HWC tournaments during the year. 

Join Hammer Wrestling for a full year of membership to prepare yourself best for the intensity of high school and college level wrestling.  the next level of training and the intensity of high school wrestling. 

The Hammer Wrestling Club Membership includes:
- Full year membership - wrestling season, off season summer training and pre-season program
- Off season & pre-season wrestling specific weight training
- On-going Nutritional Support (including individualized nutrition programs) by a doctor
- Skills assessment sessions by our coaching staff
- Free pass into Sunday Clinics/extra training sessions
- Free entry into Mountain Man Classic Belt Tournament
- 10% off all HWC Tournaments 
*USA Wrestling Card required (but not included)
*No refunds given for early drop out

The cost of the HWC Elite Member Card is $999. For the most convenient way to register and pay, we offer online payment. The transaction is totally secure and there are several different payment options available. To pay for your membership, click the button below. 

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