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HWC Elite Member Card
HWC Elite Membership

HWC Elite Membership

HWC Elite Membership
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If you have been training for more than 1 year or upon recommendation from one of our coaches, you can join HWC Elite. The HWC Elite Member Card is for athletes who've decided wrestling is their sport. This membership not only grants you complete access for training with the Highlands Wrestling Club for a full year, but there are also several other benefits.

The HWC Elite Membership Card also pays for your USA Wrestling Card, a required document for competing with the club in tournaments. As we hold several tournaments of our own each year, the Elite Membership card also gives you a 10% discount off all HWC tournament entry fees. Besides all the savings, the Elite Program offers the most advantages for your training.

On top of significantly increasing your amount of mat time by training all year, you will also get several skills evaluations by our coaches. At several times during the year, our coaches will watch you wrestle to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your technical skills. Once completed they will give you a helpful report about how to target your training to correct shortcomings in your game and make you the best wrestler possible. 

During the season, you will also get access to special elite training with Coach Will Campbell for several sessions a month at the end of practice. Coach Campbell is the assisstant coach for the Abingdon Falcon's Wrestling Team and will teach you more advanced techniques to help better prepare you to be a stand out on the High School team when you get there.

The cost of the HWC Elite Member Card is $540 but if you pay for it through the HWC website, you will get it for a one time payment of $529. You can also pay for the Elite Member Card in 12 monthly payments of $45 (+ $2.50 service fee), however this must be set up through one of the HWC staff or board members. If you would like to set up your HWC Elite Membership card in payments, please contact us at 

Join the HWC Elite for a full year of membership to prepare yourself for top level competition and the intensity of high school wrestling. To reach a greater skill level, extra workouts, training with more advanced partners and higher level coaching are mandatory. The HWC Elite Membership Card will provide this and more to prepare you for the next step in your wrestling career.

The HWC Elite Member Card includes:
- Full year membership - wrestling season, off season summer training and pre-season program
- Off season & pre-season wrestling specific weight training
- 2-3 individual skills assessment sessions by our coaching staff
- USA Wrestling Card
- 10% off all HWC Tournament 
*No refunds given for early drop out
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