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Hammer Wrestling Club Membership

To Reach a Greater Skill Level, Extra Workouts, Training w/More Advanced Partners & Higher Level Coaching Are Mandatory. Join The Hammer Wrestling Elite Club For All This & More to Prepare You For The Next Step in Your Wrestling Career.

If you have been training for more than 1 year or upon recommendation from one of our coaches, you can join Hammer Wrestling. Separate and distinct from the HWC, Hammer Wrestling is for those members ready for elite level coaching and a more serious commitment of training. Hammer Wrestling is for athletes who've decided wrestling is their sport. This membership grants you complete access to our facility plus all the tools you will need to be extremely successful on the mat. The greatest benefit is the chance to work with one of the most advanced technical coaches in our area, Joe Kemmerer.

Coach Joe Kemmerer is the owner and founder of Kemmerer Wrestling in Morristown, TN. He has an impressive wrestling career that includes a high school record of 101-7 and was an undefeated Pennsylvania AAA State Champion in 2004. His collegiate record was 91-11 and was a 2X NCAA D2 Champion from 2007-2009 while at Kutztown University. He was also a Greco-Roman University National Champion and World Team Member in 2010. Kemmerer coached Div 1 Liberty University wrestling from 2009-11, Div 1 VMI wrestling team from 2011-12 and is currently a top clinician and group leader for Ken Chertow’s Gold Medal Training Camps.
Hammer Wrestling Club Membership includes training w/Coach Kemmerer 2 days/week (Mondays & Wednesdays). Kemmerer offers top level instruction in several wrestling disciplines so you will have the most well rounded game possible. In the spring, Coach Kemmerer will focus entire training sessions focus more on Greco/Roman and freestyle wrestling however teaching folkstyle during the season. Joe Kemmerer is a fantastic coach who has fathered many champions; the chance to work with him is a golden opportunity that will take your wrestling to the next level without question.

Join Hammer Wrestling to be the stand out wrestler you've always wanted to be!

Hammer Wrestling Club Membership includes:
- Twice/week practices w/Coach Joe Kemmerer - Mondays & Wednesdays 6-8pm
*USA Wrestling Card required (but not included)
*No refunds given for early drop out

The cost of the Hammer Wrestling Elite Member Card (1 year membership) is $100/month. Payments are made directly to Coach Kemmerer before the 5th of each month. If you are also interested in personal training, please talk to Coach Kemmerer for more details. For more information about Hammer wrestling and Hammer event schedule, visit 

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