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Hammer House Wrestling
Home of The Highlands Wrestling Club
25285 Lee Hwy, Abingdon, VA. 24211 

If you want to be the best wrestler, you have to get your hands on tons of good partners who are willing to push you to the limit every time you train.  You must also have the best coaching possible to make sure your training program is not only intense enough but well balanced with both expert technique and hard conditioning.  When these components are mixed with the right atmosphere, wrestlers don’t just get better, they get phenomenal.  This is what you can expect at Hammer House Wrestling.  Hammer House Wrestling is a training facility that will improve your wrestling skills the minute you step through the door.

Hammer House Wrestling Welcomes HWC Members!
Hammer House Wrestling is the official home of the Highlands Wrestling Club.  You will get everything you need to be a good wrestler from Highlands Wrestling Club, but to be an incredible wrestler you need the Hammer House!  Becoming extraordinary requires extra training and a greater level of dedication.  Join Hammer House Wrestling for extra elite sessions designed to turn you into a black belt wrestler fast.*  Learn new techniques, drill with different partners from other clubs and experience a training tempo you never thought possible.  Hammer House Wrestling will not only prepare you to win, but give you the confidence to crush your opponents.  

Hammer House Wrestling Invites All Clubs & Teams!
You don’t just have to be a member of the HWC to train at Hammer House; athletes from all schools and clubs are welcome and invited.  Hammer House Wrestling wants to improve the level of wrestling skill in our entire region!  This facility draws athletes and the best coaches from all over our area, so there are always excellent training partners looking for an intense workout.  Join Hammer House for some of the best training you will get and the extra practices you need to secure top 3 placements.  Come to Hammer House Elite sessions for top level conditioning, hard drilling and tons of live wrestling. 

Join Hammer House & Support Our Dream…
Hammer House Wrestling is a dream realized for the Highlands Wrestling Club.  Our club has needed more space to expand its numbers and have unrestricted training for a long time.  As a member of the HWC, you will get to train at Hammer House as in-season membership includes this. Off season memberships are also available if you would like to continue to train when wrestling season is over.  For more information about membership fees and how to join Hammer House Wrestling, contact the Highlands Wrestling Club.
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