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Please Donate To The Highlands Wrestling Club!

Highlands Wrestling Club Is A Non-Profit Organization And Is Greatly Appreciative of All Donations. Your Donation Will Be Kept Confident And Monies Allocated Wisely; Thank You For Your Help!

As long as the Highlands Wrestling Club has been around, it has a long list of champions and athletes who swear how the club changed their life for the better. With the extreme dedication from our coaches, rapid growing numbers and long history of success, the HWC is a program worth donating to. Our club has a bright future with many plans of expansion and lofty, yet attainable goals. In fact the only reason our program hasn't moved forward faster is because of limited funds. Please help us expand the Highlands Wrestling Club to create a legacy of great athletes from SW VA. by donating money to our program. Support an athlete, sponsor a tournament or help us maintain our facility; there are many ways monetary donations are greatly appreciated by our club.

The Highlands Wrestling Club is run by and managed by an excellent staff of professional business people, doctors and highly dedicated coaches. You can rest assured any donations made to the HWC will be dispersed responsibly for the most substantial benefit and not wasted. We have many areas of need so there are plenty of opportunities for a philanthropic donor to make a great difference in a young athlete's life. Wrestling at HWC teaches kids discipline, toughness and shows them success with hard work. It builds character and confidence from the sense of accomplishment brought on by the true spirit of competition. 

Donate to our training. You can make a huge difference at Highlands Wrestling Club by sponsoring an athlete. The costs of being a wrestler include the cost of new training gear, competition and camp entry fees and travel expenses to events. Wrestlers always need equipment like new singlets, warm-up clothing, wrestling shoes and head gear to compete and train in. Sponsoring an athlete's entry fee to wrestling camp and tournaments allows kids whose families cannot afford it to still learn and grow in the sport. 

Donate to our tournaments. HWC puts on two tournaments/year and this is the club's primary income. Help us make our events even bigger and more profitable by making a donation! There are many sponsorship opportunities to become a part of Highlands Wrestling Club tournaments. Sponsor a ref or two by paying their wage for the day, sponsor a mat or even the entire event for the greatest impact. Corporate donations to our wrestling events include advertising opportunities as well.

Donate to our facility. While there are plans for an HWC training facility, our home is not yet constructed and there are many avenues of need. By donating to our building fund, you can become  a part of HWC history! Sponsor a brick, the whole wall or even an entire room. Sponsor some of our training equipment or one of our mats and your name will be remembered forever from helping our legacy continue. 

Donate to our coaches. The Highlands coaching staff are some of the most dedicated you will find, especially considering they are all volunteer! They also have young, growing families that also require their time and commitment. Donations to our coaches would be used to help pay for traveling costs to tournaments and a much deserved salary. 
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