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  1. is beginning a new sponsorship program exclusively with the Highlands Wrestling Club. While our company is still just starting, we cannot afford to sponsor everyone... but we want to and one day hopefully we will! HighlandsFightGear is rapidly growing and we will always be looking for HWC and Falcon wrestlers to sponsor. A sponsorship with our company means discounts, free wrestling gear and the bragging rights that come with being an athlete that's good enough to have a sponsor! Here's a short list of what we're looking for to be sponsored by
    1. Only athletes fully committed to wrestling should apply. You must wrestle all year round. If you play any other sports (in place of wrestling), it's a no-go.
    2. We're looking for tough guys...
    You don't have to win every tournament, but you should be winning more than losing. We want you to be wearing our logo when your hand is raised on the winner's podium. 
    We want aggressive wrestlers who push the pace, aren't afraid to shoot in and take chances in a match. During training, we want to sponsor the guys who push themselves harder than everyone else; the guys that treat every drill like a dogfight and leave every practice with nothing left in the tank.
    3. You also have to get good grades and act like a gentleman on the mat. We won't sponsor kids who make less than B's and we don't want kids wearing our logo if they throw tantrums when they lose.
    4. You must be a yearly member of Highlands Wrestling Club. This means you join for a full year at a time (HWC Elite Membership) and train with the club through the off season as well. Our company sponsors and supports the HWC and we want to help other people who are committed to doing the same.

  2. If you’re new to wrestling you may not be familiar with what type of gear you will need. First you will need wrestling shoes so you will be allowed on the mat for practice. Wrestling shoes have a special soft sole designed specifically for the rubberized surfaces of training mats for the best performance and also prevention of damage to the mat. It’s OK to wear socks for your first few practices, but wrestling shoes must be worn very soon or the lack of traction will hinder your learning. At some point you will also need headgear. These are protective pads for guarding the ears against injury while wrestling. Younger wrestlers can get away without headgear for a while without damage to their ears, however it won’t be long before they must have it. In the beginning, wrestling headgear is optional at most of the meets you will attend, yet the big tournaments will require it. The HWC often competes at large competitions and you will want to be used to wrestling with it on by the time you get there. Despite their excellent protective benefits, few athletes wear headgear during practice, however this is a very smart practice to get used to. There are several styles of headgear available including youth and adult sizes, but most youth can wear the adult sized ear guards. The best way to purchase headgear is to try it on first to make sure it’s not too uncomfortable. Get the best wrestling headgear from online or you can contact Dan Levesque ( We can bring you a sample of the headgear you want so you can try it on and make the best decision.

  3. When your wrestler walks through the door after practice does he leave a trail of wrestling gear, clothes, and shoes behind him? Have you ever driven three hours to a tournament only to realize your wrestler forgot his (fill in the blank)? We all know the local Wal-mart does not have wrestling gear! These are problems that every wrestling parent has faced at one time or another. A good wrestling gear bag is the solution to all your wrestler’s panic stricken moments spent digging through the back of the car searching for headgear or a mouth guard. There are many bags to choose from to suit any style or preference. Wrestling gear bags, back packs or large wrestling duffle bags will insure your wrestler has all his stuff (and there is a LOT of stuff involved with wrestling!). Some bags have separate compartments for shoes so the rest of his gear doesn’t end up smelly. Others offer waterproof areas for storage of wet clothing, towels, and shower gear. The best bags offer shoulder straps so you can carry your bag as a back pack. Help your wrestler keep all his wrestling equipment neatly together and stored in his bedroom (not in the Living room, Hallway, entryway…) with a good wrestling gear bag or cinch sack. The wrestling gear bag will help prevent those terrified moments when your wrestler thinks he has forgotten his headgear because all of his equipment will be neatly packed in his very own bag!

  4. Inevitably, sometime during the season my wrestler will forget at least one of the integral items required for wrestling at a tournament.  Most tournaments do not have shoes, headgear, etc. readily available, and as you may know the local walmart doesn’t carry the required items for a wrestler.  We have to go a bit further to get what our guys need.  It’s best start your inventory check list about two weeks before the actual season starts; cleaning and checking my wrestler’s gear for the upcoming season of competing.  As I’m giving it a thorough cleaning, have your wrestler try on everything to make sure it still fits.  This way if he’s outgrown his wrestling shoes, you still have a couple weeks to shop and order them online and still have plenty of time to go back and forth in case they don’t fit right.  Fortunately, now we have that we can go to, pick out what we want online and tell PJ or the Levesques what we want and they either have it or can get it to you in plenty of time for the season.  For our local club, use this store as a your go to source for all wrestling gear, but you don’t have to order it online.  Shop online, pick out what you want, bring your list to club and we will bring it to you.  This way you can save on shipping costs. 

  5. If you’re not using wrestling hygiene products as a regular regimen with your training, you’re just waiting for ringworm to pounce on you. This goes for using barrier foam before getting on the mat, wiping skin with antimicrobial wipes after a match and using antibacterial soap when you shower. The best preventive program uses all these products, however any regular use of any of these will help. Don’t forget though that the tiny bacterial bad guys don’t just live on your skin; they also live on your equipment, namely your wrestling headgear. If you don’t clean your headgear once in a while, don’t be surprised if the ref calls you out of a match during a skin check because you have a tiny ringworm spot right next to your ear. After a thorough wipe down of your body, use the same wipes to clean all parts of your headgear. It only takes a minute or two, doesn’t use but one more wipe and is just as easy as wiping down your arms, neck and torso. If you’re going to go through the trouble of preventing skin problems on the body, you might as well be thorough and clean your gear too. To be even more thorough, it’s also not a bad idea to empty your wrestling equipment bag and give it a wipe down as well once in a while.

  6. If you start getting the first signs of swelling on your ear cartilage because you haven’t been wearing your wrestling headgear, you have to deal with this problem right away. If the swelling stays in your ear for longer than about a week, it starts to harden and may not be able to be removed easily. Most coaches think getting rid of cauliflower ear is fairly trivial and simply needs to be drained with a needle. However, before taking this advice, check the coach’s ear to see if he has permanent cauliflower ear. If he does, he’s probably not an expert about how to prevent this problem! If you speak to a medical doctor ear specialist, you will find out needle draining is a waste of your time. Once the outer portion of the cartilage gets separated and fluid is trapped underneath, the fluid will continue to reproduce until the pocket is completely sliced open by a surgeon’s blade. Draining the fluid off your ear will never fix this problem as it will refill with fluid again in a short period of time – allowing more time for the condition to become worse and harder for a medical professional to fix it. If you start getting the first signs of cauliflower ear, you have to go to an ear specialist immediately. They will do an outpatient surgery where they will use topical anesthesia, cut open the pocket, drain the fluid and put a compression bandage on the ear. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and is done during a simple office visit. You will be out of training for at least 1 week with a cast or dental dam bandage sewn into your ear. Once more visit with your doctor a week later to remove the bandages and you will be cleared to wrestle again. If you want to avoid this trouble, wear your headgear all the time when training.

  7. If you want your wrestling shoes to last longer, try a new product called wrestling shoe skins. These are rubber forms that slip on over your shoe’s sole so your shoe never actually touches the ground. These will allow you to wear your wrestling sneakers on and off the mat without wearing out the soft tread. Wrestling shoe skins are also a great way to help do your part in keeping the mat clean. Not only do our wrestling mats get dirty from sweating all over them but also when you put your shoes on in the changing room and walk onto the mat. When you put your wrestling shoes on at home and walk through the parking lot, tons of bacteria and potentially harmful microbes can be carried onto the mat – and then attach to your body when you roll around and train. Wrestling shoe skins easily slip over the bottoms of your sneakers and come in several different colors including black, navy, red/white/blue and grey camo. While you don’t see many wrestlers wearing these products, they make a lot of sense. These products will keep both your shoes and your body healthier. Buy a pair of wrestling shoe skins at; we carry all colors and sizes and sell them for discount prices.
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