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Mission Statement
At Highlands Wrestling Club, our mission is to introduce the sport of folkstyle wrestling by offering a program that will nurture and train an athlete from K-8th grade for state level competition & beyond. Our program provides a structured environment for the K-8 athlete to not only learn proper wrestling technique but also the physical and mental conditioning needed to be the best competitive wrestler possible.

About HWC

About HWC

Besides being a great way for kids to get in shape, learn self discipline and become a part of a team, Highlands Wrestling Club is designed as a feeder program for the Abingdon Falcons High School Wrestling Team. While some members of our club go to other schools, the majority of HWC go to Abingdon schools and have goals of becoming top wrestlers for Abingdon High School. 

One of the best things about wrestling is anyone can do it; being successful at wrestling is a direct result of how much work you're willing to put in and not dependent on certain genetic body types. While some athletes learn faster than others, the best wrestlers have trained the longest. Just like any other sport, the earlier you start, the better you will be. This is why Highlands Wrestling Club offers training for every school age up to the 9th grade, starting with K-4th grade elementray school kids.

For the best training method, Highlands Wrestling Club is divided into several experienced level groups, Little League (K-4), Middle School and HWC Elite. The groups are separated for better ability to train with partners at the same experience level and also so group sizes remain manageable for our coaches. Most groups move up as they get older and more experienced or as recommended by our coaches.

Highlands Wrestling Club Little League practices are open to kids as young as 5 years old and up to the 4th grade. Kids in 5th grade and above practice with the Middle School crew. While beginners and intermediate level wrestlers practice with their designated age group, athletes who have wrestled for more than a year or at an advanced level train with the HWC Elite. Little League and Middle School practices always start the year slow with basic level technique and conditioning, progressing in intensity and technical prowess as the athlete's skills improve. HWC also focuses on elementary school age kids for 1 month starting in March directly after the club's normal competitive season.

HWC Elite is comprised of athletes who have been with the club one year or longer and require training partners with higher level skills. Their practices are more technical with intense level conditioning to prepare them for more advanced tournaments. HWC Elite practices are divided up for special sessions on their own as a group as well as with the middle school, with 8th graders also practicing several days/week with the Abingdon High School Falcons wrestling team, however competing at K-8 tournaments.
HWC Goals

HWC Goals

Re-loading not re-building
At Highlands Wrestling Club, we believe strongly in re-loading rather than re-building. This requires extreme dedication to providing a training program that's consistent for each age group. This way there are tough wrestlers in each grade and graduating seniors won't be leaving a team that needs to be rebuilt. At HWC, our goal is to offer a program for all age groups K-12 to produce top winning wrestlers in every weight class and age bracket.

Producing highly ranked, top state level wrestlers
At HWC, our goal is to produce top placing state level wrestlers year after year. With the complexities of the sport ever changing, HWC is committed to providing the best, most up to date and rigorous training programs required to do this consistently. It's also our program's goal to produce highly ranked wrestlers to help with scholarships to colleges.

Best reputation in town
At Highlands Wrestling Club, our goal is to have the best reputation for offering the toughest training from top level coaches. We want it known that our club produces the highest caliber athletes, but only because of excellent instruction and extremely intense training. Another of our goals is to have produced so many champions, a large number of highly experienced athletes come back to help as assistants and coaches in our practices.
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