Welcome to Highlands Wrestling Club

If winning a state title is in your high school athletic goals, Highlands Wrestling Club is where you need to be. HWC offers high intensity conditioning and expert level wrestling training for all K-8 and high school age groups. Our experienced coaching staff is highly motivated and toally dedicated to making all our athletes reach their highest potential. Training with HWC will provide you with top level conditioning, advanced technical folk style wrestling skills and a well rounded strategy that will surely carry you into the winner's bracket of any competition you enter. 
Practice Schedule...
K-8 - 6:30-8pm (Tuesday & Thursday)

Strength Training...
K-8 - Sunday 5:30pm (at EVPC, 220 E. Valley st., Abingdon)
        Friday 3:30pm (Hammer House)
HS - Sunday 6:30pm (at EVPC, 220 E. Valley st. Abingdon)
        Mondays & Wednesdays 6pm (at EVPC)
        Friday 3:30pm (Hammer House)

Upcoming Events...
6/6-6/7 - Kemmerer Wrestling Clinic
6/13-14 - TN. High Team Duals
6/20 - Patriot Duals, Kingsport, TN.
6/29-7/3 - Yetzer Elite Training Camp

Live Wrestling Practice (in Bristol) - Mondays, 6pm
We will be traveling to Bristol on Mondays for live wrestling practices with other teams. These sessions are excellent training opportunities and you should try to make them. The practices are from 6-7:30 at 320 Bluff City Hwy, Bristol, TN. There will be no practice on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day). 

HWC Summer Schedule - June 1st-July 31st 
Stick with the club through the summer to keep growing & getting better! There are tons of great wrestling opportunities including camps & competitions we will hit. We will be putting together a dual team for two competitions in June. Our summer schedule will consist of twice/week wrestling practices (open mat) through June and once/week open mat practices in July. We will also continue to offer weight training twice/week through both June & July. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.   

Kemmerer Leg Riding Clinic - June 6-7th
HWC is hosting an awesome leg riding clinic on June 6-7th with Coach Joe Kemmerer from Morristown, TN. Instruction will include leg riding and leg riding defense on Saturday and upper body throws and offense on Sunday, 9:30-4pm each day. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

Nate Yetzer Elite Training Camp - June 29th-July 3rd
Come to our HWC summer camp this year featuring Head Coach of Ferrum College, Nate Yetzer. He is bringing several other top coaches and Ferrum College team members as well. This will be a super fun camp with amazing instruction and tons of intense training. For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

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