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Welcome to Highlands Wrestling Club

If winning a state title is in your high school athletic goals, Highlands Wrestling Club is where you need to be. HWC offers high intensity conditioning and expert level wrestling training for all K-8 and high school age groups. Our experienced coaching staff is highly motivated and toally dedicated to making all our athletes reach their highest potential. Training with HWC will provide you with top level conditioning, advanced technical folk style wrestling skills and a well rounded strategy that will surely carry you into the winner's bracket of any competition you enter. 
Practice Schedule...
Open Mat - 6:30-8pm (Tuesdays)

Strength Training...
Sunday 6:30pm (at EVPC, 220 E. Valley st. Abingdon)
Mondays & Wednesdays 6pm (at EVPC)

Upcoming Events...
Pre-Season Strength Training - Aug. 10-Oct. 30
Our pre-season strength training program will give you new musculature and power. The HWC Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Program is one of the most complete systems you will find; join us... and go way beyond just 'getting ready' for the upcoming season. For detailed information and registration, CLICK HERE

Hammer Club Pre-Season Wrestling - Aug. 31-Oct. 31
The HWC will not be providing wrestling during the pre-season. However a very tough crew called the Hammer Club will be offering a program of advanced training to our members. Join their pre-season wrestling program and you will get top level technical instruction, tons of conditioning and awesome competition experience. For more information and how to register, CLICK HERE

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